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Football: Fallon looks for next opportunity

Football: Fallon looks for next opportunity
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| Football News | Monday January 13 2014 12:24


A lesson in the realities of professional football for Rory Fallon after being told Scottish Premiership club St. Johnstone FC have no need for him.

The All Whites striker has been advised he can exit in the current transfer window.

Fallon has only had one start since signing in July last year.

He says it's not through a lack of hard work.

"It's not all premier league and people earning loads of money. This is for people that seriously, if they want to become footballers, especially from New Zealand, they've got to realise the pitfalls of being a professional footballer."

Fallon says he has turned down a payout and won't be leaving the club until he finds a new team.

Photo: Getty Images


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