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Boxing: Tua on track for Ustinov bout

Boxing: Tua on track for Ustinov bout
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| Other Sports News | Tuesday October 22 2013 15:35


Shane Cameron's trainer will be in David Tua's corner for next month's heavyweight bout against Alexander Ustinov.

Henry Schuster has started training with Tua, after he split with Australian Dave Hedgcock.

Schuster says he talked to Cameron's camp before agreeing to help Tua.

"I was quite pleased with Ken Reinsfield and Shane, when we talked about it they gave me their blessings which is quite good.

"It was very good and I was quite happy that they understand."

Tua is on track to be at his optimal fighting weight for next month's bout.

Despite a calf injury curtailing his preparations and postponing the bout to November, he is expected to weigh-in between 105kg and 110kg.

Schuster says Tua's weight, rather than Ustinov, is his biggest challenge.

"I think if David Tua hopped in the ring the shape that he's in now, maybe lost one, two, maybe three more kgs, and to the fit that he's supposed to be, it shouldn't be a hard night for him."

He says Tua is over his calf complaint and is moving freely in the ring.

Photo: David Tua v Alexander Ustinov press conference (Photosport)


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