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That's All: Short thoughts from the weekend

That's All: Short thoughts from the weekend
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Monday, March 04, 2013

Here are some short sport thoughts from the outrageously busy weekend of competition.

1. How good is the V8 Supercar coverage? I’ll tell you. OUTSTANDING. Congrats Sky TV for securing the rights. The host broadcaster Channel 7, consistently delivers superb footage of these fire-breathing monsters, complete with every possible camera angle, intelligent commentary and in Mark Larkham, the best tech/pit reporter in the business.  Their coverage matches the event itself in the speed, intensity and precision with which it covers Australasia’s premier motorsport category. Now we have it, live and unadulterated, thanks to Sky TV. Even my wife said she was entertained by the coverage, albeit for 10 minutes. And that’s saying something.  Then SVG wins a race and Scott McLaughlin impresses the trousers off everyone with his race results. So happy right now.

2. For the first time in over two years I watched live rugby on Friday night. Two years! I took a new dad sabbatical, but hey. Eden Park looked great. The crowd was considerable. The weather was just peachy. The Blues were on a roll and the Crusaders were coming to stop them in their tracks. All the ingredients for a perfect night’s action right? Well yes. Unless, like me, you were one of the ex-pats who turned up and witnessed the pantsing that took place. Enraged, I took to Twitter to vent. Vent what? The Blues were deserved victors, scoring some scintillating tries and defending like All Blacks, eh Ted. I was asked what Sir John Kirwan had been feeding his team. Simple answer, on Friday night, it was the Crusaders.

3. I received a text late on Saturday arvo. It was from a cricket tragic mate of mine. It said: 4 days of cricket and it comes down to this. F you T20. Thanks Brown for that erudite message. Crude but effective. I’m sure, like Brown, we’re all looking forward to the first test, especially now that our hopes have all been ratcheted  up a level or two by the solid performance in Qtown. Nice work lads, I hope you had a wee party after that historic result. I hope you got professional cleaners in afterwards.

4. Last time Owner Glenn made a big statement about the Warriors, the team went into freefall and spiralled into the dirt spectacularly. Taking into account that and the words uttered by another wealthy sporting franchise ahead of his team's nosedive (mmeeeooowww), I believe it prudent that said owners deliver plenty of cash but bugger all rhetoric. Open wallets, closed mouths. Haka indeed.

That’s all.

Photo: Getty Images

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