NZ Women's golf looking to benefit from China cancellation

Charlie Bristow,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 7:55PM

The New Zealand women's golf Open could benefit from a scrapped LPGA tournament in China.

Officials at the New Zealand women's Open are scrambling to put players minds at ease after a LPGA tournament in China was cancelled.

The event was scheduled after this month's tournament in Auckland and a number of players were flying from New Zealand to Shanghai.

The event directly after the NZ Open, in Shanghai, has been cancelled due to local permit problems.

NZ Women's Open tournament director Michael Goldstein says his phone has been going nuts.

"It's a big issue for them as well and they're a great partner and have been, so we're just working with them to make sure that none of the players are left in the lurch."

Goldstein says there may be candidates looking for another tournament to play at and hopes to offer a few players, who were supposed to be playing in China, a spot in the New Zealand women's Open field.

"We're making a few phone calls and we've got three wildcards stuffed up our sleeve so I guess in the next 24 hours we might have a better understanding."

Any player not be playing at the NZ Women's Open will have a near-month break after this week's Evian Championship.


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