No need to continue discussions about Foran - Doyle

Radio Sport staff,
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Friday, 17 February 2017, 1:08PM

The Warriors are adamant the NRL had the full story about Kieran Foran before registering his contract.

LISTEN ABOVE: Jim Dolan, sports director for the Australian Radio Network, spoke to the Radio Sport Breakfast

It follows revelations the troubled five-eighth allegedly made disturbing threats to the late Sydney Daily Telegraph columnist Rebecca Wilson, in her final days.

This report drew an "appalled" response from NRL women's adviser Catherine Lumby, but Doyle is adamant Foran had addressed this and other issues before receiving NRL endorsement to play.

Warriors managing director Jim Doyle said he's certain all the allegations were discussed with competition bosses.

Doyle said people are now coming out and telling their side of the story, but Foran's told his to the NRL and they've registered him.

He said Foran will tell his side of the story in due course, but now isn't the right time.

Doyle said he's had extension discussions with the NRL and there's no need for any more.




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