Are you the people's champion? Win $500 thanks to Voltaren

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Monday, 12 March 2018, 3:21PM

Are you the sporting legend who battles it out on the fields, pitches and courts of New Zealand? Despite those niggles and injuries you turn up every week. You’re still to get off the mark this season, but the team still wants you (for some reason?).

Kent, Nathan and Marc are looking for the nation’s grass-roots social sporting legends that deserve the prestigious title of the Radio Sport Breakfast People’s Champion each Wednesday, and $500 cash to keep them motivated to battle on each week thanks to Voltaren Emulgel.

Simply tell us why you should be this week’s Humpday Hero and thanks to Voltaren Emulgel our weekly hero will win $500 cash with Nathan, Kent and Marc on the Radio Sport Breakfast!

Congrats to this week's 'People's Champion' Brandon, who's fall from his skateboard at the Ngongotaha Bowl has left him with an arm that will forever remain, slightly bent.

The People’s Champion with Voltaren Emulgel -  Effective relief of muscle pain.

Winners so far:

  1. Tim Matheson ... he got called up as a specialist fielder, went to save 4 runs with a dive, dislocated his shoulder and let the ball hit the boundary anyway.
  2. Hugh Wynn-Harris ... AKA 'Duckman' who scored lodged 7 consecutive ducks and started attracting a crowd each week to see if he could make it 8, but was saved a nick that got through the slips
  3. Cam Thomson ... dislocated his knee trying to smash it over cow corner, returned from the injury 6 months later and did it again first ball back.
  4. Jackson Lester ... required an operation after batting without a cricket box.
  5. Brandon Gerlach ... skateboarding accident, smashed into a concrete wall at the Ngongotaha Bowl (just outside Rotorua) and now has an arm that will forever remain slightly bent.
  6. Greg Kemp ... he sacrificed his prime position in Cycling's Tour of Northland to rescue 2 mates with punctures.
  7. Karl Lindner ... Kids cricket coach supreme!
  8. Craig Innes ... who suffered a Posterier Sterno-clavicular dislocation (basically, rammed his collarbone under his sternum) playing rugby.
  9. Shaun Hewitt ... got concussed from a wide shot at goal playing football with his mates days before being Best Man for his brother.
  10. Blake Gloyn ... who managed to make his Manawatu 1st Division Hockey debut at ther ripe old age of 48 ... Never give up on your dreams kids!
  11. Marcus from Nelson who rolled his ankle trying to make the match winning rebound playing basketball with his mates ... he not only lost the match, but smashed out his 2 front teeth.
  12. Peter Muir, the golfer who lost 10 kgs, got a thinner finger and subsequently lost his wedding ring somewhere around the 7th tee (he thinks). It's still lost and his wife is NOT happy at all.


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