Globe-trotting Kiwi cricket fans' nightmare travel story

Radio Sport,
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Tuesday, 16 July 2019, 3:48PM
England celebrate winning the Cricket World Cup as Black Caps batsman Martin Guptill is run out going for what would have been the winning run. Photo / Getty Images

A globe-trotting Kiwi cricket fan has a bad-beat story to almost equal the Black Caps.

After New Zealand beat India in the Cricket World Cup semifinal on Thursday morning, super fan Michael Johannink decided to book a 25-hour flight to the final at Lord's.

"I flew out on Friday night," Johannink told Radio Sport's Daniel McHardy.

"When was the next time we would get to play a final at Lord's? I got there on Saturday afternoon, got to the hotel, looked around London and had a nice sleep."

But the overcast conditions and rain delay on Sunday presented Johannink with a nightmare decision as the match crept towards the final overs - stay for the final overs and miss his return flight to New Zealand or leave early and miss possibly witnessing the Black Caps win a first World Cup?

"I had to leave late on Sunday evening and with the delay it ruined the end of the game for me. I saw both 50 overs but I couldn't stay for the Super Overs.

"I knew there was a Super Over but I couldn't stay because I had to get back to my hotel, pick up my bag and get to the airport.

Johannink missed watching the Black Caps lose to England on a countback of the number of boundaries hit during the match after tying the Super Over.

"I jumped in a cab and was listening to it on the radio, but it kept cutting out. I wasn't happy when I heard England got 15. But I managed to watch our over on SKY on my phone.

New Zealand's Trent Boult, right, crosses his arms as he waits for the trophy presentation after losing the Cricket World Cup final match between England and New Zealand. Photo / AP

"I wasn't able to find out why England won, when we scored the same amount of runs. I saw this countdown that said they needed two runs off the last ball, but didn't know why one run wouldn't tie."

Johannink said he had no regrets about the 50-hour round trip and would do it all again.

"It was definitely worth it. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Those last five overs, the crowd was amazing.

"I was back at work today. And I'm heading to Wellington on Friday to watch the Warriors."