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D'Arcy and Goran

D'Arcy and Goran bring you interviews, opinion and their own distinctive brand of locker room humour.

They have little or no respect for position, power or themselves. They believe that sport is far too important to be taken seriously. As a direct result of this, they are unlikely to win plaudits or awards from their peers - they'd rather just take the piss out of them instead.

Goran is still active in sport, using football as a method to completely destroy what's left of both ankles. D'Arcy retired from active service after the birth of his daughter, although he claims couch-surfing as a bonafide sporting endeavour.

Together they have polluted the sporting airwaves for over a dozen years, having wrecked most timeslots on Radio Sport, including an ill-fated foray into the hallowed realms of breakfast radio. They have been screamed at and hung-up on by some of NZs sporting greats and regularly find themselves in the cross hairs of NZ's major sporting organisations.

Too pretty for television, they hope to remain at Radio Sport for years to come. D'Arcy and Goran are comfortable with their drinking problem and invite you to join them daily.

D'Arcy Waldegrave

D'Arcy has been loitering at Radio Sport since 2002 and shows no sign of moving on, despite encouragement from listeners and staff alike. He's hosted most timeslots, but finds the 4-7pm show the easiest on his health.

He has never represented NZ in any discipline and has pretty much retired from all sport due to the outrageous demands placed on him by his 'spirited'  daughter.

He loves motorsport and the torment of being a Warriors and Black Caps fan. He climbed on the Breakers bandwagon when they started winning and although he calls football 'turf billiards' he loves chatting with the Phoenix lads whenever whenever they let him.

Although he has found a career and family in Auckland, where he has resided since the turn of the century, he still supports his birth province Canterbury in all domestic competitions.


The Continuous Call Team

The Continuous Call Team

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