Lydia Ko's former coach dismayed by her performance

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Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 6:57PM
Lydia Ko has dropped her third coach. (Photo / AP)

The coach who helped bring Lydia Ko her greatest golf success is dismayed by the former world number one's plight.

The Kiwi golfer has made another major change to her game, dropping coach Ted Oh.

Ko announced the decision on the eve of the Mediheal Championship where she attempts to defend her title this weekend.

Last year's victory at the Mediheal Championship was Ko's 15 of her career but the only one since Oh took on the role in February 2018.

"We just mutually decided that it was time," Ko told the Golf Channel.

"We ended on good terms...I have a lot to thank Ted for. He gave me a really solid blueprint simplifying my swing."

According to the Golf Channel, the 22-year-old is in no hurry to find a new coach.

Ko has parted company with her swing coach Ted Oh, 14 months after sacking Gary Gilchrist.

David Leadbetter who coached the Kiwi for her first three years as a pro where she won a dozen LPGA titles and two majors, says her game has regressed.

"She was always right up there in greens and regulation, and now she's way down. It puts a lot of stress n the rest of your game. I think the biggest problem is she's not hitting a lot of greens."

He says Ko didn't need to change much three years ago.

"The fact is how much better did she need to get? Maybe a tweak here, little tweak there to get back on track, but to make the changes she made, it was just too many changes in too many areas and I think it was very hard for her to handle."

Ko's coaches since going pro:

  • David Leadbetter Ko's swing coach from 2013 until the end of 2016.
  • Gary Gilchrist - in early 2017, out early 2018.
  • Ted Oh - Gilchrist's replacement, taking over in early 2018 until this week.
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