Silver Ferns' Assistant Coach: First port of call is to care for Maria Folau

NZ Herald,
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Wednesday, 26 June 2019, 10:17AM
The Silver Ferns' Assistant Coach says the team have to support Maria Folau (Image / Getty Images)

The Silver Ferns are backing their star shooter Maria Folau as she weathers the storm created by her husband Israel.

Ahead of the Silver Ferns' three-game netball series in Auckland this week, Folau has been criticised for her decision to endorse her husband's crowd funding efforts in his legal fight against Rugby Australia.

Despite the backlash, Silver Ferns assistant coach Debbie Fuller says the most important thing for the team is to fully support Folau during her "tough time".

"It's a really complex issue for a start. It is something that we've been very well aware of. Our first port of call of course is to care for Maria," Fuller told D'Arcy Waldegrave.

"She's been a wonderful servant for netball for many years and she's held the shooting end of the Silver Ferns for many years and performed under massive pressure and won Commonwealth Games gold medals and things like that. So she's been a very highly valued member.

"Our first thought is to care for her over and above anything else because that's the most useful thing we can do at the moment. She's here to do a job, we're here to do a job and we've got to get on with it."


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