MCC proposes format changes including 'shot clock'

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 7:54PM
The changes would also see a new standardised ball. (Photo / Getty)

The MCC's world cricket committee is pushing for a 'shot clock' to be introduced in test cricket.

It's one of a number of moves to speed up over-rates, which have fallen to an 11-year low in the red-ball game.

Under the proposal from the MCC, a 45-second countdown would be shown on the scoreboard as soon as the umpire calls "over".

That would be increased to 60 seconds for a new batsman on strike, and 80 seconds for a change of bowler.

On the first breach, they would receive a warning with further infringement resulting in five penalty runs being awarded to the opposition.

Shane Warne, who is on the committee, says the ideas are aimed at making the sport a better watch.

He says it's better for the public to follow and understand, by keeping it interesting.

The committee has also suggested a standardised ball for test cricket's new championship.

Former Black Cap Kyle Mills told D'Arcy and Goran that these changes are long overdue. 

He says a standardised ball is a great idea. 

"I've always wondered why this hasn't happened. There are three balls around at the moment, but in one day cricket, it's always just one ball used across all cricket. Why can't that happen with the red ball format?" 

Mills says that there could be some division around which of the three balls gets used. 

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