NZ Rugby gets four year license extension for Hamilton Sevens

Radio Sport,
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Thursday, 14 March 2019, 6:52PM
The event could still be split between Hamilton and Fiji. (Photo / File)

Organisers have begun nutting out the logistics for next year's Hamilton Sevens.

New Zealand Rugby has been awarded a licence to host an integrated men's and women's event for the next four years.

Both will be World Series events for the first time.

Organiser Dallas Fisher believes the variety of fans will increase following the renegotiation of the World Series contract.

Fisher was asked by Radio Sport Breakfast what it will do for ticket sales.

"There's no question that what we did this year with four teams was
to get those wonderful athletes on the paddock, and people reacted to it well."

He says the event will start earlier and finish later.

"People who came to both so far have seen significant change in the event every year. We are putting new entertainments, new ways of doing things, new structures, new spaces."

There's no guarantee the four events will be played in New Zealand.

NZR is negotiating to outsource the event from Hamilton to Fiji on alternate years.

Fisher says knowing he'll host at least two events helps long-term planning.

"I think Fiji will get there. I think the long term plan is to put your lavalava in your bag one year and your crazy clown costume in the next, so I think it's a great outcome."





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