More trouble for Michael Cheika

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 11:13AM
Will Michael Cheika survive the year? (Photo / Photosport)


Australian rugby is run by "goons" with an "ever smug chairman" according to the man leading the charge against embattled Wallabies coach Michael Cheika.

Longtime Australian rugby writer Greg Growden has launched into the organisation after the Rugby Australia media conference to update Cheika's position.

Growden, a fiery critic of Cheika's, said RA had treated the public with "complete disdain".

Rugby Australia chairman Cameron Clyne spent just 50 seconds updating the media on Cheika, after taking a break from a long board meeting this week.

On ESPNscrum, Growden wrote:" would expect something compelling from an organised media gathering when the Rugby Australia board has assembled to decide whether their national coach, support staff, plus important managerial figures should be sacked or not. It's a big, big day.

"Their ever smug chairman Cameron Clyne waltzed in, told the bleeding obvious that the board had heard a presentation from Michael Cheika, there had been some data gathered, and that they had 'all the information we need.'

"So if they have all the information, clearly a competent board of directors would be able to make a decision.

"No, no, no. We forgot that we are dealing with the master muddlers. Instead it was the usual Clyne gobbledegook about 'going through a fairly thorough review process' and that it 'will be done by Christmas.'

"Then within 45 seconds, no questions allowed, and with a smirk as he uttered 'Thanks very much guys', Clyne exited, no make that fled, saying he had important board business to attend to. Thanks for nothing.

"It was just another time wasting exercise by these procrastinators. No wonder Cheika has been able in his four flawed years in the job to completely play this board off a break, and do exactly what he wants."

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Former Wallaby forward Brendan Cannon summed up the situation by tweeting a photo of a vehicle trapped in deep mud.