Wayne's World: The Problem with the Pathway Model

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Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 1:08PM
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This week, renowned coaching professional Wayne Goldsmith talks about the all to familiar "pathway" model that sport has been using for decades. In Wayne's mind, it's the one of the big things killing sport around the world.

The way the "Pathway" is applied makes people believe that it's the only way to get to the top - that you have to be "on the pathway" to be successful. It also has coaches, athletes, parents and others believing that every kid who picks up a football will play NFL, every kid who picks up a tennis racket will be Roger Federer and every kid who jumps in a pool will be Michael Phelps.

You rarely if ever hear a great athlete say, It was always easy for me. I was great at 10, even better at 13, sensational at 17, then I made the national team and now I am the best in the world. It's rarely, rarely like that.

The pathway presents a straight line, but most success stories are squiggly.

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