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We Need to Talk: Ireland deserved to win

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Sunday, 18 November 2018, 12:20PM

Rugby history this morning in Dublin not just rugby history, sporting history. The very first time in 113 years that the Irish have beaten the All Blacks at home.

The unthinkable has happened; hell has frozen over, porcine creatures taking flight, Ireland producing just a brilliant performance, an All Blacks like performance to shut out the back to back world champions.

Built on stifling defence, rock solid discipline, the ability to retain the ball and just as important keep us from getting the ball.

Keeping the All Blacks under pressure, again so important, so that when we did get the ball, we are trying and trying and then we are making mistakes, and scrum that said loud and clear that we do not have the most dominate set piece in world rugby.

All of that and the ability to maintain it, not for a half or a half of a half but 80 minutes, not allowing us near their tryline. 

An All Black side built on attack, off loads, broken play brilliance, we had nothing, they shut us down, they tackled like demons.

The All Blacks tryless; say that out loud, the All Blacks did not score a try, the All Blacks did not look like scoring a try. When was the last time that happened? 2014 as a matter of fact, a 12-all bore fest against Australia.

Ireland took their chances, held their nerve to a man played the best that reckon they have ever played and there are times in life and sport where you just got to take the tackle, they didn’t just beat the All Blacks this morning they absolutely without question or argument 100% deserved to beat us.

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