Martin Devlin: Are you ready for the Rugby World Cup 2019?

Martin Devlin,
Publish Date
Thursday, 12 September 2019, 12:16PM

Just over a week to go until RWC 2019 kicks off and the one question, the only question, you need to answer is are you ready?

Not the teams, grounds, officials, administrators, volunteer helpers and/or whoever else is involved but YOU, yes you!

Are you ready to watch the tournament? By this I mean do you  have the necessary hook-up at home, are you in sync with the technology, do you have your Spark Sport organised and if not why not?

There is a fear involved here, a fear of the unknown that turns normal rational logical men into quivering jelly, a state of sheer panic at the mere thought of having to re-learn the most basic tenets of turning on the television while understanding, or pretending to, how to integrate the big screen with all these new-fangled ultra-complex cords, devices and connections necessary to enjoy the live sport experience.

For most gentlemen of my age and ilk we have no idea at all what it is, how it works, why it won't and whether we even are capable of completing the most simple of installation  tasks required. Which is why my advice to you is DON'T. Do not put yourself through it.

Unless you're prepared to be disappointed, angry, frustrated and ultimately unsuccessful at doing something your teenagers or friends from the younger generations tend to complete with 2 clicks, a swipe, download and that knowing patronising smile that says "yes you are a dinosaur Dad, give it here and let me do it for you".

And that's my point. Forget all that chromecast and Apple TV, ethernet cable and fast-fibre broadband connection cobblers. Just ask the right people to help you. That's what I did and it works absolutely perfect.

I was a doubter, I put it off as long as I could, I know nothing about what it is and how it works, all I know is it DOES!

As I said to the incredibly helpful people from Spark "I don't want to know how it works I just want to switch my TV on and there it is".

Embrace your technical ignorance, fear not your lack of any expertise, ask for help and let those who know help you sort it.

I am the original Technofearus Rex and it worked for me. Take my advice, ask for help, believe me it can be that easy.