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Martin Devlin: Attention seeking Folau should be ignored

Martin Devlin,
Publish Date
Friday, 12 April 2019, 12:34PM

What the hell is going down with Israel Folau?

And I do mean that with every pun intended.

Given the extent of the outcry following his similarly toned online posts last year this latest outburst was always and only ever going to end one way - and that's with the immediate termination of his ARU contract.

My point being that he must've known this was coming, so why still do it?

Whether any of us, including Ozzie rugby, agree or disagree with his comments is entirely irrelevant.

Whether you/me think he's either insane or just deliberately inflammatory, again, irrelevant. 

And also all this twaddle about "freedom of speech"?

Forget it. Just another big so what.

The reason he will be sacked by the ARU is because he's in breach of a specific clause in his employment contract that was included last year to prevent him from doing exactly what he's just gone and done. 

This is what beggars belief. Is he really that much of a zealot?

Does he honestly believe what he spouts?

Is he racked with guilt (still) after being willingly photographed for the front cover of Ozzie gay Star Observer back in August 2014?

Half of me thinks this whole thing should be roundly ignored. By giving him mass media coverage are we in fact encouraging or discouraging him from continuing this cr*p?

Because that's what it is. 

All this "repent repent" stuff is laughable at best, pathetic at worst.

There's a game being played over the Tasman right now called "Izzy Bingo".

It's a piddle take on the eight "evil" sins he harps on about with people 'fessing up to how many of them they may have personally committed.

If you look at the list I'm not sure any of us can ever be safe from his version of damnation.

And then when you add in the tripe about "those who celebrate Easter and Christmas are (also) heathens", pretty much the whole world is now condemned. 

The guy is a joke and needs to be treated as such.

Folau has 300,000 Instagram followers and about 120,000 on Twitter.

He follows less than 150 people in return - meaning he has zero engagement with any of his minions. I suspect his fan club are either sports groupies or fellow religious zealots.

What these sad sad people don't seem to care about is that he cares even less about them.

Israel Folau is a try-hard narcissistic attention-seeker who gets off on the outrage he initiates.

I started this piece asking what the hell is going on with him.

Maybe the better question is what the hell are we all doing giving him so much oxygen?

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