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Martin Devlin: Let's enjoy Nonu's inspirational comeback

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 3:53PM

Now here’s an idea that’ll fall immediately on deaf ears.

In fact just on that, before we even begin, am I still allowed to use that expression?

Surely there must be some self-entitled millennial online somewhere sufficiently outraged in between their incredibly important Instadick posts who’ll vigorously flap to a fellow facebook irrelevance about that old dinosaur Devlin insulting yet another disadvantaged group, this time the aurally challenged?

Lord, I hope so.

And aural? Google it luvvy. It’s about ears.

Something your generation remains so delightfully wet behind.

Anyway. Good old satire aside, why can’t we (the sporting media) just enjoy the way Ma’a Nonu is playing and leave all this cobblers about potential All Black recalls in the BS Dept where it belongs?

Nonu is an AB legend. His contribution to NZ rugby both domestically & internationally is eternal. One half of our longest enduring midfield pairings, twice a World Cup winner, he was an absolute colossus providing us with over 100 uncompromising, go forward, hard out, wholly committed, inspirational performances.

He also retired from the international game after the 2015 RWC and spent the following three years playing French club rugby.

If you’ve ever sat through a few games of their Top 14 comp you’ll easily understand the point I’m now trying to make.

The quality isn’t bad, not nearly as intense as two NZ sides going at it in Super Rugby, but more like say the Rebels vs the Reds.

A high enough standard I guess but, put it this way, you’re not ever regarding it as potential All Black trial material.

New Zealand players competing in French club rugby are there because their AB careers are over - and that’s perfectly OK.

Ma’a has returned to NZ to do exactly what he’s now doing. He’s a leader, an inspiration, he’s sharing his experience and knowledge, his manner and mana are infectious.

I love watching the guy play, always have, and thought his effort at Eden Park last Saturday vs NSW was spectacular.

And isn’t that enough already?

For me it absolutely is which is why my question is NOT will he ever make it back as an All Black.

My point being he’s a bonafide legend playing great rugby in the twilight of his career, and why can’t we be happy with that?

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