Martin Devlin: Toronto Raptors need to ditch Drake the Fake

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Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 1:25PM

The Toronto Raptors need to ditch Drake the Fake and do it fast.

The King-Kong of courtside narcissism is doing nothing but cause embarrassment to everyone involved. Prancing and posturing along the court, haranguing the officials, instigating verbal altercation with the opposition players, what exactly is the point of him being there again?

Because apart from his own desperation to be noticed I can't see any reason at all.

Sideshow Drake is a circus act, an absolute buffoon. He brings as much credibility  to a basketball court as Donald Trump does to the presidency. At least with Trump he didn't get his seat from the size of his bank balance, believe it or not he democratically won it.

Now, obviously by criticising such a major musical personality, I run the risk of offending all his trillions of soc-med sycophants so let me apologise way in advance. I have nothing against whatever kind of music warms whoever's soul.

But being an old-skool dinosaur I prefer those who play their own guitarosauraus as opposed to select a computer programme that does it for them.

But back to the basketball. Which is what this is about. Which is what the Toronto Raptors should be about. For a franchise playing in their first ever NBA finals surely the focus must be the achievement not the sideline antics?

Of course, I understand what Drake is up to, one doesn't need to be Einstein to know his game is self-publicity. By attaching himself to a sports team he retains some relevance, by acting the goat every home game he creates the sort of instant gratification memes his millennial fan base so desperately crave.

But to quote Team NZ, "does it make the boat go faster"?

Clearly the answer is no. Not just a giggly distraction, the guy is also providing extra motivation for a Golden State side that needs no further incentive to complete their 3-Peat. His verbals with Dramon Green and Steph Curry after Game 1 were a shame on the sport.

Their answer to him was simple and effective - produce more championship-winning basketball  by dragging their injury-depleted side, down by double-digits, back into the series with a vital road win.

So ditch this guy Raptors, he's doing you no good. He's not a fan but a fan of himself.

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