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Martin Devlin: Washed out Black Caps - India match a brilliant result

Martin Devlin,
Publish Date
Friday, 14 June 2019, 1:54PM

Brilliant result for the Black Caps overnight.

Make no mistake about the weather intervention, rain was our friend in Nottingham. Rain rain don't go away, a draw's as good as a win in pool play - certainly if it's against India anyway.

And this not from my lips but those of a former, legendary NZ captain who assured me today that "this point puts us ahead of real contenders for the semi finals, sides like Ozzie and England who will now need to win an extra game to get in front".

The way it stands we, New Zealand, sit atop the points table unbeaten after 4 matches and needing (potentially) just one more win and another rained-out result and we're in the semis!

Two more wins and that's 2 from either Pakistan, West Indies or South Africa and it's a definite.

And no I'm not for a second advocating more NR's, heck who isn't utterly frustrated with what they're calling in England the wettest ever June on record.

What I am saying is that a draw with India, given who we've already played in the  tournament and our recent record against them, is probably better than we should've expected.

Again, you play who you play and we didn't choose 3 of the weakest opponents  to start with but this position of being unbeaten after the first four matches is as good as anyone could've hoped. Plus we have a cracking run rate, something that could well provide the crucial mathematical edge come finals calculations.

Going into the event I think most of us freely acknowledged we aren't the best team there, we have obvious weaknesses in both batting & bowling and that we'd struggle to beat at least 3 other teams those being England, Australia & India. On a one-off knock-out match sure, but 2 times in the same tournament unlikely.

Ten points could well be enough, 11 points being 5 wins and a draw and you're dead set certs. Win on Wednesday and we might just dare to dream.

And yes I'm over this washed out wetness desperate to get a game on and start watching cricket. But as for last night, rain rain meant zero play, but a point off India we'll take EVERY day.

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