Martin Devlin: World rugby proposal a dumb idea

Martin Devlin,
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Friday, 1 March 2019, 1:52PM

Dear World Rugby,

What a dumb idea this World League is.

Let's not beat about the bush here. You absolute bunch of Richard Heads.

Who are these faceless twats who sat round a table in L.A. laughing it up on the WR budget before coming to the conclusion that this new league would be both workable and welcomed?

And even more disappointing is that our blokes, the NZR bosses, are blindly supporting this too.


C'mon CEO Mr Tew & Chairman Mr Impey grow a pair of posts and be the first to publicly condemn your cohorts by telling them in no uncertain terms what a complete load  of cods this is - and that is being kind to it.

How can we, New Zealand, back any new international comp that specifically excludes our  Pacific Island brethren? I don't know about you but $14m in blood money doesn't sound like nearly enough to warrant selling those countries out.

And do these people not understand the difference between meaningful and meaningless?

Clearly not.

Because the mere thought of the All Blacks playing sanctioned tests every year against Japan and the US will send fans here and everywhere groaning straight for the channel changer.

We already have enough wastage rugby on our screens without adding to it.

Surely World Rugby's wasteful marketing department could squander another small fortune researching this? But no. The one glaring absence from all their dialogue around this proposal is the canvassing of any other stakeholders/shareholders involved except themselves.

Apart from those administrators getting paid to back this madness, I've yet to hear another single approving voice. When the world's best and most influential players, Read/Sexton/Farrell, are so quick to condemn it you know this idea is pure rubbish.

What amazes me most is the unanimous compliance among those at rugby's top table.

The short-sightedness blandness and all-around overkill is hard to believe.

Has the dilution of the once fearsome Springbok/All Black rivalry not taught anyone any lessons?

Clearly not.

So congratulations World Rugby you've just let Cycling NZ off the hook.

As unbelievable as it sounds there is another sports organisation with an administration even more incompetent than theirs.

World Rugby League? I mean even the name is nonsense.

Who calls their new comp after another sport anyway?

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