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We Need to Talk: The Kiwis are on the way back

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018, 11:42AM

Feel the Vibe... maaaaaaan!

This might not be a popular viewpoint. Because it's a lot easier under the circumstances to be critical, accentuate the negative, but I do believe  (despite the actual series result) that we have reasons (plural) to be positive about where the Kiwis currently sit.

And I'll prove it! And in a way that if you're honest and true to yourself you can't possibly deny. And it's not facts and figures, it's all down to a feeling. You ready?

Sport has many ways of teaching reality, most are cruel few undeniable.

Results fall into this category. Check the scoreboard, England beat NZ 2-1 in the test series. Monday's 34-nil 3rd and final encounter was what's called a dead rubber.

Motivation to win understandably and considerably more for us than them, I get that.

But no international team ever wants to get blanked, wants to get spanked.

From deep in cliché corner I can tell you the bounce of the ball, the referee's call, were equally against us. 

The first two tests could've and should've been won. Close contests that came down to one or two crucial plays they made, we didn't, honestly that was all the difference. If you believe in luck then we had none.

Did our lot take their opportunities? No. Did we waste our scoring chances? Yes. So are we, the Kiwis, in a better position now than at this time last year? Very much so.

Ask yourself. A year ago our men's national league side had just lost to Tonga in group play before being ko'd 4-2 by Fiji in the 1/4 finals of the World Champs.

Stop for a second and think about how you were feeling after losing to Fiji. Pretty sour right?

Now think about how you were feeling after Monday's 34 point blanking of England. Totally different feeling right?

That's what I mean. It's tangible. It's palpable. It’s actually something physical. It feels like the Kiwis are on the way back.

Just like them Warriors!

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