Ep 56 - Stoked On The Biggest Cat Of All, Tiger

Publish Date
Thursday, 18 April 2019, 11:43AM

Well well well, what do we have here - a good old fashioned turbo pod.

With a range of topics to rip through we climbed right in and fired some steaming hot takes. 

Topics discussed.. 

Tiger is back and golf is great again. (2.38)

Israel Folau, shame shame shame. (8.50)

A first five epidemic has struck New Zealand Rugby. (15.13)

The NBA Playoffs are here, strap in. (22.25)

World Surf League stop 2 - Bells Beach. (24.37)

Winx came, Winx conquered. (28.10)

The real Israel, Izzy Adensanya. (31.16)

Solomone Kata, your time is up. (33.23)

Game of Thrones rubbish. (35.40)

Wrap and ramble. (39.10)

Stay Stoked!