Ep 62 - Stoked on the biggest news to hit NZ surfing in just about forever

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Friday, 14 June 2019, 3:57PM

Yeah, we know - massive call with the headline, but hey, we're jazzed!

Or more specifically, Mitch is jazzed - in today's episode anyway.

Yep, that's right - no Louis. Stoked Podcast, the Mitch edition.

A couple of disclaimers, he produced this himself so it could be a little dusty, and/or rough around the edges (pressed all the buttons himself even! Plus, all of today's content is hypothetical and speculative as nothing has been confirmed or locked in.

Alas, we will rip right into it with a heaving panel, members including former co-host Alex Chapman, the man who broke this fabulous news, and Christopher Reive, longtime champion of New Zealand professional surfing and Herald Journalist.

So finally, that news, what exactly is it? Well, it comes in the form of a potential World Surf League Qualifying Series event of the highest order, a 10,000 point ranked event, a competition sure to draw some of the biggest names in the sport to our shores.

Potential location: Piha.

Let's dive in.

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Daniel McHardy Afternoons

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