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Ep 63 - Stoked On Snow, Surf, The Blackcaps & Tom Robinson

Publish Date
Thursday, 20 June 2019, 5:54PM


Episode 63 - can you believe it?

To celebrate we thought we'd do one of our favorite things and cover a broad range of topics which are all close to our hearts. 

These include:

Where is the snow? 4.30)

Super Rugby playoffs and more importantly Tom Robinson chat. (8.05)

Is it okay to call women 'chicks'? (13.50)

World Surf League hits Rio and we're all in on Paige and Ricardo. (19.35)

Cricket World Cup dreaming and Blackcaps angst. (26.05)

Same Name Confusion are the greatest band to ever happen. (30.40)

Wrap & Kawhi laughing. (32.20)

Get your ears around it & STAY STOKED!

ON AIR: Radio Sport Breakfast

6AM - 9AM