Stoked Ep 37: A historic time for NZ surfing

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Thursday, 29 November 2018, 8:43PM

This week we have something very special to share.

With Paige Hareb and (hopefully) Ricardo Christie on the World Surf League Championship Tours next year we took liberty to celebrate their success in podcast form.

It's the busiest, most tense and important time on the surfing calendar at the moment with all eyes pointing towards the massive swells in Hawaii.

We caught up with three Kiwi legends to get their takes on where we are at as a country in terms of surfing and how they personally are involved.

Iain 'Ratso' Buchanan, Paige Hareb and Shaun Tunny all have unbelievable talents and we can't wait for you to hear all about them.

Have a listen, you'll be stoked for it, we promise.