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Stoked Podcast Ep. 46: Stoked on the fastest rising name in NZ Sport

Publish Date
Friday, 8 February 2019, 6:30PM

Prepare yourselves - Louis is away for a week and the podcasts are still turning up, that's right, Mitch is running the cutter!

This week we're changing it up a bit, think music radio meets extreme sports!

Mitch does he first Intro (questionable delivery - bear with me) - (Intro)

A brand new co-host and Mitch is no longer concussed! (3:00)

Where the hell is Louis? Who knows. We couldn't even remember his birthday either - oops. We touch base with a man who has found a renewed aroha for Aotearoa! (8:10)

Fresh tunes! Same Name Confusion are playing in Welly this weekend, here's a plug (and new tune) to get around it. (17:00)

Craig Murray! A name you probably haven't heard of previously, but certainly, haven't heard the last of last - the newest winner of the Freeride World Tour - big mountain skiing's premier international competition joins us for a korero. (22:00)

Wrap and "where the hell are we?" cricket chat - enjoy! (30:00)


ON AIR: Radio Sport Breakfast

6AM - 9AM