Martin Devlin: I was wrong about Silver Ferns and deserve every 'thwack' I get

Publish Date
Monday, 22 July 2019, 5:01PM

I was wrong.

Yes, wrong.

This is not the first "W" word I have been accused of being and I have nothing to say but guilty on both counts your honour.

Full credit to the Silver Ferns firstly for winning netball's world championship and, more importantly, remembering that piece I wrote pre-tournament and now reminding me that at some stage I'll need to remove my big foot from my even bigger mouth and breathe!

Yes I was wrong.

And yes, more importantly, I am delighted to admit I was.

Oh me of little faith alright.

"This team has a been there and not done that look about it" I did write.

So much for Mr Martin "Oracle" Devlin then.

Whatever the opposite of someone who can see into the future and know's what they're talking about is, then pin that tail on this donkey please.

Look. I could harp on forever about how I wrote them off.

And I thoroughly deserve every thwack of a Silver Ferns told-you-so thunderstick I get.

But enough of all that.

What's really important is them. This team and Noeline Taurua.

A tournament in Liverpool in July 2019 where New Zealand produced one of our country's most committed, clever, determined and deserved world triumph's ever.

Congratulations to all of you, your family's and friends who've been with you every step of the way.

Because I haven't been. That's abundantly clear.

So rather than even attempt to bask in your glory, I'll be quietly sitting in the corner over here quite happily nibbling away at my slice of self-served humble pie.