Mike Yardley: When are the social engineers going to lay off the All Blacks?

Mike Yardley,
Publish Date
Wednesday, 10 July 2019, 1:43PM

Who would want to be a representative rugby player, let alone an All Black, when in these over-exercised times, you’re pulled from pillar to post as a punching bag and plaything for every passing social justice cause?

Otago University is the latest cab off the rank with their rebuke of New Zealand Rugby for not considering moral values in their selection of All Blacks. And representative players per say.

Of course, this comes hot on the heels of the hoohaa over Sevu Reece joining the ranks of the All Blacks. Some activists got themselves hopelessly hot and bothered damming his selection, given Sevu’s past indiscretions that landed him in court on domestic violence charges.

Even though he was discharged without conviction, the keyboard warriors were baying for a blood and a life sentence of perpetual punishment.

The great irony is that some of the ringleaders behind that media pile-on, are the same folk who routinely rail against our retributive justice system, demanding softer sentences and rehabilitation.

And now we have the academics weighing in, demanding that representative rugby players need to pass some sort of moral values box-ticking regime.

They should be assessed on their compassion, integrity, fairness, honesty, sportspersonship and so forth.

We are picking flankers, fullbacks, first fives and front row forwards – not family therapists.

Kickers, not counsellors. Props, not priests.  They are sportsmen – not social workers, for gods sake.

Speaking of the big guy, what morality matrix would you apply to Israel Folau?

A moral values vetting regime is unadulterated malarkey.

Yep, that All Black is useless taking drop goals, but he’s sooo compassionate off the field.  Spare me.

When are the social engineers going to lay off the All Blacks?

Will New Zealand Rugby have to install a gay quota, expecting every squad to have at least one out and proud gay player, to pacify the activists?

Yes they are our national team. Our representatives, with the weight of a nation on their shoulders.

But they aren’t selected as moral values champions. Of course they should be upstanding, but fundamentally they are there to play footy. To perform. And to win.