Kiwi water polo team in South Korea nightclub as balcony collapses

NZ Herald,
Sport News,
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Saturday, 27 July 2019, 10:39AM
The incident happened in South Korea champs of Gwangju, where the 2019 World Aquatics Championships are taking place. Photo / Getty

The New Zealand men's water polo team has reportedly been involved in a balcony collapse at a night club in South Korea.

The Herald understands the members of the team was in the building when the incident occurred.

A local news agency has reported that one person has died, with 13 injured, but no reported injuries to New Zealanders.

Video posted from the night club appears to show club goers attempting to support the ceiling while screams can be heard.

Radio Sport presenter Jim Kayes says he has been told members of the New Zealand men's water polo team were in the nightclub at the time the balcony collapsed.

The Kiwi team members weren't on the balcony, but were on the same floor in the nightclub at the time of the collapse.

"They saw the aftermath of what happened and I'm told that some of them were involved in helping to get the injured out and also possibly helping to remove some of those who had sadly died," Kayes said.

Chris Wilson, the chief executive of NZ Water Polo, told Radio Sport that all the New Zealand players were "safe and well".

"At this stage, there are no serious injuries, a couple of our women's players had some minor injuries, but all the New Zealand players are safe and well and accounted for," he said.