Caught on tape: Warriors coach's explosive halftime rant

NZ Herald,
Publish Date
Saturday, 3 August 2019, 10:34AM

Warriors coach Stephen Kearney was fuming at halftime in the Warriors' dismal 46-12 loss to the Raiders last night, and the intense footage was captured on tape.

The Warriors put in their worst 40 minutes of the campaign in the first half and trailed 30-0 at the break. Kearney said he couldn't remember the last time he was so angry.

Kearney was seen yelling at his players in the changing sheds at halftime and after a long rant, where he punched his fist into his hand, he kicked a towel that was lying on the floor that went in the direction of Peta Hiku.

Speaking about it afterwards, Kearney admitted he didn't know if he'd ever been as livid as he was then.

"Let me put it this way, I can't remember the last time I was that angry," Kearney said.

He said the reason why he was so infuriated with his players was because they hadn't played to the level they'd been at recently.

"I was disappointed in the fact that we'd worked so hard over the last six weeks and had endured a fair bit along the way, four of those games were away from home," he said.

"We had created some really good habits, so that's what I was p**sed off about.

The first half we got bullied off the park, so that's why I was pretty animated."

The match was over five minutes before halftime, when Canberra scored their fourth try.

This was a must win game for the Warriors, but there was only one team in the contest.

That was the most disappointing aspect; the Auckland team had competed well over the last six weeks, but completely fell away on Friday night.

At times in the first half it was embarrassing; Canberra strolled through paper-thin defence, with would be tacklers having the impact of a butterfly in a hurricane.

"Where do you start," he said when asked to sum up where it went wrong.

"I don't think it was anything technical or tactical tonight, I thought it was about a real lack of attitude, which is really disappointing to be honest.

"They (Raiders) are a top four team, have been playing great footy and when you give them the licence to play the way they did tonight, particularly in the first half, then you're asking for trouble."

"I challenged them at halftime," Kearney said.

"But if you look at a couple of the tries they scored in the second half, they were pretty soft.

"The young boy (Bailey) Simmonson, a big strong winger, busted through about five tackles on the right hand side.

"They're a really good, well balanced footy team, they have a really good dummy half (Josh Hodgson), who's special out there. But I don't think we put up much of a fight."