Could Sonny Bill Williams be going back to league?

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Monday, 6 August 2018, 8:30AM

Will Sonny Bill Williams end his career playing rugby league?

He didn't rule it out in an interview last night. But the Blues second-five who will be named in the All Blacks' Rugby Championship squad today didn't confirm it either.

The question whether Williams would play a second stint for the Roosters was put to him in a sit down interview on Sunday Night with Matty Johns on Australia's Fox Sports channel.

"Family don't tell everything bro," Williams said with a smile. "Come on brother?" he said to Johns.

"Honestly, I'm 34 next year. I'm just happy doing what I love doing. I'm really concentrating on things off the field. I really want to affect my people – Pasifika people. With that comes responsibility. I need more knowledge in that field, which I'm doing. I'm studying. I'm doing my coaching papers.

"I don't know. I feel once, God-willing, I can make it through next year and make that World Cup side, then after that…A, I have to keep the wife happy and B, if I do play on, it will have to be a place where I still have a voice."

Williams has one more year left on his contract with New Zealand Rugby as he looks to make a third straight World Cup, having been part of the last two successful World Cup squads.

He returned the league in 2013, leading the Roosters to a title that year.

Williams will be named in the All Blacks squad today but is out of the first two tests of the Rugby Championship as he continues to recover from a shoulder injury.

Williams on his upbringing

"When I was a young fella I just wanted to play first grade. I'd come from a housing commission background. No wallpaper on the house. When I was a youngster that was just motivation. I just wanted to play first grade because I thought if you play first grade you'd be able to buy a house, which I wanted to do for my family."

Williams on first season of rugby with the Crusaders

"I probably did struggle when I went back to New Zealand just trying to break this is who I am from a media point of view to who I am really. As a person as a man. That took it's time. That took time and me understanding the game took its time because I grew up playing rugby league.

"But now I love rugby. I've grown to love it. I've grown to understand what it's about. I'm just grateful to be in the position I am doing what I do at the young age of 33.. still doing what I do, still have the passion and the drive. Being able to play for a great team like the All Blacks."

Williams on expectations with the All Blacks

"Yes we have our standards which we all know but the connection is awesome. The connection between the boys is awesome. With playing for the All Blacks comes expectation which we know but I feel like the expectation is greater within because there's so much young talent coming through."




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