Sarah Walker to oversee re-design of Rio track

Charlie Bristow,
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Tuesday, 13 October 2015, 8:11PM
Sarah Walker (Getty Images)
Sarah Walker (Getty Images)

As Kiwi BMX rider Sarah Walker returns home to continue her quest for Olympic qualification, she'll be keeping a close eye on the rebuild of the Rio track.

The recent test event was canned after riders protested about the safety of the track.

Walker said she will stay actively involved in the re-design of the track.

"It needs to not only be safe for the riders but it also as importantly needs to be a good demonstration of what our sport is and what we represent ... I'll be helping out as much as I can with the organisers and also from the rider's perspective making sure they hear as much feedback as possible"

Walker will compete in next week's North Island Champs, as well as the National and Oceania Champs in January.


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